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Federal Advance is owned and operated by a tribal lending entity and federally recognized tribe, which people with lenders from all types of credit: poor, bad, moderate to excellent to help in a time of need. Loan approvals, terms, and rates are based on submitted information and will vary based on each individual's profile.

Customers can request for a loan between $200 and $1200. The amount you are actually approved for is dependent on upon the information you provided in your loan application. In the event that you are not approved for a loan amount, you are still eligible to be approved for a lower amount. Simply follow the instructions provided on our application to request for a lower amount in real-time.

After submitting your application, it typically takes less than 5 minutes to receive a decision. Applications with accurate and complete information are more likely to be considered for superior financial options.

Although credit is one aspect of your application that may be assessed, we consider a broad range of criteria to determine your eligibility. When connected with a lender they may provide loans for those with excellent, average, bad or poor credit. Even if you are in the process of rebuilding your credit, you may still qualify for a loan today.

If your application is approved by us, you are required to review and e-sign our loan agreement to receive the presented offer. You always have the last say and have ZERO obligation(s) to accept the offer presented for any reason. If you accept our offer, the funds will be direct deposited into your bank account. Deposit times can be quick as the next business day. Please note that deposit times may vary.

There is ZERO cost to use our Website. The cost of borrowing varies and is based on a borrower's personal eligibility for a loan. Upon approval, you will be presented with an interest rate and repayment terms for your review. Remember, no loan is issued unless you electronically accept the rate and repayment terms.

The amount of time given to repay your loan typically depends on the overall structure of the loan offer. Online cash installment loans are considered short-term, and are usually to be paid back in less than 6-10 months.

Based on the customer's situation and profile, loan extensions and alternative repayment options may be an option during special circumstances. We recommend that you contact us directly to discuss the options available to you.

FederalAdvance.com may conduct traditional credit checks with the three major credit reporting bureaus, which may impact your credit score. If you are not comfortable with having your credit checked, do not submit your information through FederalAdvance.com’s request form.

Repayment terms and nonpayment penalties associated with your loan will vary based on the initial agreement. Please contact us directly with any questions about repayment and/or missed payments. Additionally, if you anticipate being unable to make a future payment, FederalAdvance.com recommends that you contact us as soon as possible.

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